May 4, 1958 – February 16, 1990


Image Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Allen Haring

“Now with AIDS I don’t really have any dreams any more. Whatever dreams I did have, because of having a completely different view of the future because of being sick, there’s nothing I want to do that I haven’t done. I won’t be disappointed if there’s some things that don’t get done. Inevitably, no matter how long you work, it’s always going to end some time. And there’s always going to be things left undone. And it wouldn’t matter if you lived until you were seventy-five, there would still be new ideas. There would still be things that you wished you would have accomplished. You could work for several lifetimes. If I could clone myself there would still be too much work to do, even if there were five of me. And there are no regrets, really. Part of the reason that I’m not having trouble facing the reality of death is that it’s not a limitation, in a way. It could have happened any time and it is going to happen to someone any time. If you live your life according to that, death is irrelevant. Everything I’m doing right now is exactly what I want to do.” – Keith Haring. May 3, 1989